Vintage Ibanez Chorus

In the Whero studio I am quietly chipping away at a blues track for a TV show. Finding that lead sound is a process but always fun for me. especially when dusting off some classic effects peddles like the CS-505. Not sure the sound is quiet what I am after, but food for thought.



Hard Floor Killing Blues on the 339

Gibson Plum ’98 SG

Update – According to Guitar Dater Plum’s birthday isn’t actually until October:

Red ‘Whero’ Body of Work

Brief timeline of Red Whero’s Gibson guitars.

Born in Parmy North, New Zealand in 1980. Artist James “Red” McLeod originally learnt guitar from his father David McLeod in 1988. When not playing basketball, Red works in the communication industry. Focusing on video production for TV and advertising.

Reeve Drive Garage Jam_crop

Producing video content allows Red to create original musical scores to compliment pictures. Inviting other creative artists to contribute to projects.

Archive music composed by Red Whero:

Red whero edit suite computer